• The overall, organisation, planning and co-ordination of school tours is the responsibility of one of the Special Duties Teachers.
  • School tours generally take place in the month of June.
  • A list of recent destinations for school tours in available from the Special Duties Teacher.
  • Parents/guardians are informed of the destination, itinerary, costing, clothing and food requirements in advance of tours.
  • A signed consent form permitting the pupil to go on the tour and also giving the teacher the right to authorise any emergency medical or surgical procedure necessary must be obtained for each child.
  • Pupils’ behaviour on tours is expected to comply with the standard set down in the School’s Code of Behaviour. In certain circumstances parents/guardians may be asked to agree to a contract on behaviour. Where it is felt that a child’s conduct would pose a safety risk or inhibit the educational benefit for other children, the school may refuse the child permission to travel. Parents/guardians will be advised of this in advance.
  • A list of reminders in relation to safety, behaviour, first aid etc. is circulated to teachers in advance of school tours.
  • The level of supervision required on tours is the same as for other school activities. Parents who help with supervision are always  accompanied by a teacher.
  • Anyone hiring a bus must make sure that the bus operator has a Road Passenger Operator Licence as issued by the Department of Enterprise.

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